Check out our "Lost & Found" and "For Sale/Adoption" sections below. Email us with any questions or information you can share with us!

Lost & Found

In an effort to help our community of pets and their people, we'd like to invite you to share any information you have about any lost or found pets. You can email any information and you have to You can also post to our Facebook. Feel free to also add any additional comments in the section below.

Pets for Sale/Adoption

Let the community know if you have a pet that is looking for a new forever home! You can email any information and photos you have to and we'll be happy to post it here. Provide as much information as you can, including breed, age, price, and photos of available pets. You can also post on our Facebook.

Disclaimer: Dr. Reiss is not responsible for information provided by third parties. He does not endorse outside comments, nor do they necessarily reflect the views and values of Reiss Mobile Vet.